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Fitness for All 

The team at West Faversham are dedicated to making fitness as accessible to everyone as possible as we know regular physical activity has great benefits to both physical and metal health.

Our gym offers a fantastic range of Cardio, strength and functional equipment that rivals any other local gym. However having the best range of equipment doesn't make us more expensive, Inkeeping with our aims to make fitness accessible to all our gym is offered at the low cost of £30 a month without any contracts so you can use it when you can afford to.


We also have an excellent team of personal trainers and coaches able to offer affordable support in reaching your goals.  Click the icon to find out more about our trainers.

The Gym 

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Membership includes classes! 

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Climbing Wall 

With funding from Sport England we have been able to open a fantastic outdoor climbing wall to offer a new and interesting opportunity to get active. We offer climbing opportunities from Grade 3 for beginners up to grade 7A for the experienced climber. 

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