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Things to do

Our centre is packed full of social activities you can come along to. You can meet new people and find  new interests, and we have a variety of community activities offered through our staff at the centre. 

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Looking for something different? We have many regular hirers ranging from a variety of dance classes to Karate! Please see below for further information and where to book.


ZUMBA 9.30-10.30am

An aerobic dance fitness class, please visit to book.

KLUK Karate 16:00pm-20:00pm

Karate classes for all ages, please visit to book


Dance choreographed cardio workouts, please visit to book.

Need help using a computer to stay better connected? 

Get in touch with us to sign up to computer buddies for 1-2-1 help learning to use your device 

Want help using social media? 

Please contact our team on 01795 537321 to book an appointment!

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