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We are always looking for the next great member of our team to join our team to help us achieve our goals. We take a people based approached to recruitment where possible, rather than a role based approached. This means rather than fit someone into a role we have created, we like to build a role around the person who will be carrying out the job. 

If you have read about the work we do and are passionate about the services we offer, and you think you have something to bring to our team, then get in touch. We would like to see your CV to know what you have done before, but more importantly we want to know what you can bring the charity and how you will help us reach our aims. 

We also have roles that we are activity recruiting for, which you can apply for, these are below, but again these roles are not set in stone as part of the Recuritment process be altered to fit the skills and passion of the right applicant. 


Health and Safety Manager - 10 hours per week

Working with the Head of Facility Services you will be accountable for ensuring our Health and Safety policy is delivered and due diligence checks are completed and actioned. You will ensure, through working with senior leaders, that all activities are risk assessed and carried out safely.

Working with your line manager, the Head of Facility Services, you will:

· Ensure all buildings and activities are adequately risk assessed.

· Ensure all equipment that could cause harm is risk assessed and staff adequately trained.

· Risk Assess new activities/services and ensure team managers are aware of mitigation measures.

· Ensure regular due diligence checks that cover all compliance needs are in place

· Monitor weekly and monthly safety checks carried out by team and ensure follow up actions are taken.

· Carry out the safety checks at each site at least once a month to ensure they are being accurately completed by others

· Assist in development and delivery of safety training for staff

· Ensure health and safety training and COSHH logs are up to date on all sites

· Plan reactive maintenance to ensure safety.

· Ensure health and safety policy, food safety and COSHH policy is adhered to

· Ensure company vehicles are insured, maintained and compliant.

· Other tasks required by CEO on ad-hoc basis

Additional Information

Working week will be 5 days, of which one will be evening or weekend.

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