Join Our Team

We are always looking for the next great member of our team to join our team to help us achieve our goals. We take a people based approached to recruitment where possible, rather than a role based approached. This means rather than fit someone into a role we have created, we like to build a role around the person who will be carrying out the job. 

If you have read about the work we do and are passionate about the services we offer, and you think you have something to bring to our team, then get in touch. We would like to see your CV to know what you have done before, but more importantly we want to know what you can bring the charity and how you will help us reach our aims. 

We also have roles that we are activity recruiting for, which you can apply for, these are below, but again these roles are not set in stone as part of the Recuritment process be altered to fit the skills and passion of the right applicant. 


Community Fitness Lead

We are looking for a Community Fitness Lead who will be able to lead our fitness team to new heights.  


Our Gym is designed to be inclusive and open to all of the community including being accessible to everyone. We need a Level 3 Personal trainer who can manage our team to ensure the department is hitting its target, both in terms of income generation and community impact. As fitness lead you will lead our fitness team to ensure;


  • Our gyms operate to the highest standard 

  • Our team always impresses, and are well motivated 

  • We offer a great range of fitness opportunities 

  • The fitness operations run smoothly and safely


If you are interested in inspiring people to choose a more vibrant and healthier lifestyle, then this is the opportunity for you.